My Services

I aim to create individualized plans tailored to meet your needs and goals. No plan is the same and I strive to meet you where you are at. The time to start nutrition coaching can be any time and in any phase of life. It is meant to enhance your quality of life and develop lasting changes that you can implement forever. Whether you are looking to prevent, manage, treat or even reverse a health condition, are an athlete looking for a competitive edge or someone wanting to heal your relationship with food, I am here to help you in your journey

Basic Nutrition Coaching Package

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment
  • Goal setting consultation call
  • Individual calorie and macro needs
  • Detailed breakdown of current intake using your recent food recall/ food diary
  • Tailored and detailed grocery/shopping list
  • Weekly email check-ins for accountability, support and encouragement and to address: wins, challenges, needed adjustments in plan, etc.
  • Food tracking app set up and how-to walk through (optional)
  • Continued education on macros, how to meet your macros with variation and splurges, recipe sharing, etc.
  • Accountability: I will be monitoring your food log and will review during weekly check in’s what is working or not and make adjustments accordingly
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