Nutrition Philosophy

Food & Nutrition

I understand that food and nutrition can be totally overwhelming so I aim to break it down into simple, easy to understand practices that focus on implementing all food groups (macronutrients), balance and variety and overall wellbeing to create the healthiest version of yourself. All my coaching follows a flexible dieting-based approach where all foods can fit! 

You deserve to take back control of your health and there is no better time than now! Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be a part of your journey and your story. Let’s dive in together!

I will be your coach

your cheerleader and your accountability partner throughout this journey. I will advocate for you, educate you, and hopefully empower you to make lifestyle changes that you can take with you and implement throughout your lifetime. Let’s get away from dieting and start implementing changes that last. 

Healthy relationship with food

I believe so many people have a distorted relationship with food these days due to the confusing and ever-changing diet culture that we encounter on a daily basis. Working together, we will make small, continual and realistic changes that make sense for your life and your body with an ultimate goal of establishing a long lasting healthy relationship with food. 
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